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Planned maintenance and life cycle projections

We offer a full surveying service for planning and undertaking maintenance work.

If you are considering undertaking a project or own a building and require any further information please call us on 01273 386775 or email info@lhsurveying.co.uk

What do we do?

If you are restoring or carring out programmed maintenance on a building we offer the following services. 

Survey the building to establish what works are required (at this stage we can discuss budget costs and work out what works should be carried out and when)

Prepare tender documents and get quotations to undertake this work (we will use this as the basis to form the contract with the builder)

Oversee the project (once the contract is agreed we will oversee the works to ensure the works are being carried out on time and to the required standard)

What value are we adding to the process?

Using Leo Horsfield Surveying will help ensure the works that are actually required are undertaken.

This puts you the client in control of what work is being undertaken, how much it will cost and when it will be done.

Quality and cost will be controlled with regular inspections being undertaken to ensure the contract is delivered on time, on budget and to the required standard

Suitable contracts will be put in place to ensure all parties are protected and are fully aware of their responsibilities

Leo acted as the surveyor for the restoration of our building in central Brighton. This was a complex project as the building had not be touched for many years. The sash window were in poor condtion and we had damp on several walls. We had contacted several builders directly prior to appointing Leo. The builders came back with a wide range or recomendations for the works and their quotes varied massively. Leo undertook an initail survey and came up with a comprehensive list of works that were required. He guided us through the entire process. We ended with a first class refurbishment that cost less than we were expecting. 

Matt Freeholder Brighton.  

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