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Expert witness

It is common in the event of a dispute for a report to be required by the courts from an expert witness. This report is intended to give an independent unbiased view to assist the court in being able to resolve the dispute.

Appointments and Reports need to be in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) in particular CPR 35 or Criminal Procedure rules in criminal cases. The majority of construction and property disputes are civil cases.

The expert witness report will be addressed to the judicial body and not to the party instructing the Expert.

The Court may appoint a Single Joint Expert (SJE). The duties and responsibilities for a Surveyor acting as SJE are the same as for any other Surveyor acting as an Expert Witness.

Prior to Court proceedings, there may be a meeting of Experts in order to narrow down issues and try and reach agreement. If agreement is not reached, it may be necessary for the Expert Witness to give evidence in Court.

We would be happy to discuss your situation and offer a pragmatic straight forward approach to reach help resolve disputes.

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