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Dilapidations are a complex and contentious aspect of the landlord and tenant relationship. It is therefore advisable that a tenant seeks the advice of a Surveyor before taking on a new lease or when served with a schedule of dilapidations.

We have significant experience in dealing with leases and dilapidation claims. We cover London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent from our offices in London and Brighton.

If you require any advice or further information please contact us for free no obligation chat and advice on 01273 386775 or email us info@lhsurveying.co.uk

Basic overview of dilapidations

Dilapidations are the breach of a covenant to repair a building contained in a lease.
Examples of breaches to repair are a broken door or a leaking roof.

The landlord is normally entitled to receive their building back in a state ready for reoccupation and in good condition at the end of a lease.

Basic overview of our services

We will advise on the extent of repair needed and the costs involved with undertaking these works. We will then negotiate with the landlord or tenant’s surveyor.
We advise in the following main areas:-

For the Landlord,

Preparation of accurate schedules that will stand legal scrutiny and can be negotiated and enforced.

For the Lessee.

1. Whether the standard of repair required by the schedule is justified.
2. Whether the scope of the schedule of dilapidations is accurate.
3. Whether any statutory reliefs may be available to the tenant.
4. How and when any repairs should be conducted or whether negotiation of a financial settlement in lieu of damages would be preferable.

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