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Watling Road, Southwick

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Watling Road, Southwick

Side extension to detached house

The brief for this project was to form a large on-suite bedroom to the side of the house. This room was intended for use guests and family members.

The house is a large bay fronted, detached house located near Southwick railway station. The house is Victorian with many of the original features still in good condition.

Our challenge was to design and build the new extension in the same style as the existing dwelling.

The roof is a hipped, cut and pitch tiled roof to match the existing. Our skilled carpenters built this by hand using a pole plate construction. We had to use 100mm X 50mm ceiling joists to match the existing construction and allow us to tie the new roof into the existing house. This meant strapping the ceiling joists to the roof for extra support.

The junction between the old roof and new roof is joined by a valley gutter. This was carefully detailed and built with code 5 lead.

The bay front to the extension was essential to maintain the character of the house. This was built by hand to the exact proportions of the original bay.

Even with the complicated build this project was delivered on budget and only one week behind schedule. This week was lost due to strong winds and rain during the construction of the roof.

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