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Woodruff Avenue, Hove

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Woodruff Avenue, Hove

New dormer and en-suite bedroom in the roof.

The house is a detached house built in the 1960s. The brief was to design and construct an on-suite bedroom in the roof space.

The project involved removing an existing small dormer and chimney stack and building a large dormer.

One of the main problems with the project was the lack of head height. The maximum head height in the space was 2.0m. This was before floor was strengthened or the roof was insulated.

To overcome this we designed a floor which was built of 125mm x 50mm joists. This is less than is normally required so we had to put them 200mm apart instead of the standard 400mm.

The dormer roof joists also had to be made as shallow as possible. We managed to gain 50mm head height by raising the dormer roof construction up the new ridge beam. This made the room feel much higher. The raised roof combined with halogen spot lights and large windows gives the room a sense of space and light.

The on-suite shower room was squeezed in beside the staircase in the position of the original chimney. We used a modern glass basin and quadrant shower tray to make the compact space a light and usable room.

The project was completed on time and on budget.

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